Thanks to Arthur Gray, many news articles were clipped from local newspapers from 1965 to 1994. Also, through the years, copies of old family records have been given to the Museum. These two resources have been combined and sorted to create Genealogy Records for the early families of the Coldwater area.

Some of our records are very complete, while we would like to acquire more information on others.

Much of what we have is due to the tireless work of local historians and researchers who are kind enough to share their work.

Early Coldwater famiy

Recently, we have had a number of people researching from our files. There is no cost to access our genealogy records, however, we do appreciate donations. Mostly we have been able to assist people, but there are many more families we would welcome to our Genealogy Records.

We would like to invite you to create your own family history file to add to our records for future generations to access. We would welcome copies of any family trees, interesting stories, legal documents – whatever you and your family would choose.

If you would like to know if we have records on a particular family name, please email your inquiry to or send us a message on the contact page.

There is no cost to you other than providing the copies. Please give consideration to helping with this worthwhile project.

The following family surnames are in our files:

  • Agnew
  • Angus
  • Anderson
  • Beach
  • Beatty
  • Bell
  • Biggs
  • Booth
  • Borrow
  • Boyd
  • Buchanan
  • Bush
  • Conner
  • Cowan
  • Craddock
  • Dean
  • Drinkwater
  • Drury
  • Dunkin
  • Dunlop
  • Eplett
  • Fell
  • Fowler
  • Galbraith
  • Gill
  • Gleadall
  • Goss
  • Gray
  • Hallen
  • Hartley
  • Harvie
  • Johnston
  • Kent
  • Langman
  • Lovering
  • Manning
  • Martin
  • McDermid
  • McGregor
  • Miller
  • Moffitt
  • Moon
  • Oakley
  • Phillips
  • Reinbird
  • Robinson
  • Ryan
  • Shelswell
  • Sheppard
  • Silk
  • Spence
  • Spencer
  • Sprague
  • Stanton
  • Steele
  • Stephen
  • Tinney
  • Tipping
  • Vivian
  • Walker
  • Wilson
  • Wise
  • Woodrow
  • Woodworth/Eidt
  • Woon
  • Wray
  • Wylie