Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Behind the Scenes

Interested in more Behind the Scenes content from the Sawbones Society season 1? Here, we’ve compiled footage of cast and crew working with fake blood, including that shocking scene in episode two.

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Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Behind the Scenes/Bloopers

Interested to know more about the production and acting of Sawbones Society season 1? Are you craving more Sawbones content now that season 1 has finished? Get ready to peak behind the curtain and become one of the crew as you witness the countless dialogue flubs, the long filming hours, and the techniques used to create what you’ve all enjoyed on screen!

Special credit is acknowledged to Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum staff member Larisa Pakalns for some of her behind the scenes filming used in this Sawbones feature.

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Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Episode Six

Welcome back to the Sawbones Society for the final episode!

Since you last saw these malpracticing medics, Nurse Clara Form has been away on holiday. Meanwhile, the remaining “professionals” become perplexed at the lack of fatalities. Has someone been shirking work or is there more to the “exploding face disease” that threatens each of Nurse Clara Form’s patients? Will the truth emerge or are the Sawbones in danger of contracting this “disease” themselves?

Watch the last episode to find out!

Eager to learn more about Victorian nursing and the inspiration behind Nurse Clara Form? Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a historical note by Emily Pickard (a.k.a. Nurse Clara Form).

This episode was filmed on site of the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum.

Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Episode Five

Welcome back to the Sawbones Society!

This week, panic descends upon the Sawbones Society when a fearsome visitor comes to call.  How long will the Sawbones be able to evade this menacing newcomer?

Later, Mr. Sy A. Nide finds himself in an upended world during an unfortunate game of croquet. Will he be stuck in this horrifying world forever?

Watch episode five to find out!

Once, your curiosity is satisfied, learn about body snatching, grave digging, and resurrectionists during the Victorian Era with Marshall Hamilton (a.k.a. Mr. Nide).

Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Episode Four

It’s been a quiet week at the Sawbones Society.  During their downtime, Dr. Morphine and Mr. Ether enjoy a friendly game of “chess”.  After too much idle time, it’s up to Mr. Ether to bring back the “customers” which he attempts in a variety of humorous ways. 

This week, Melissa Tralla (a.k.a. Abby Sinthe) brings you a historical look at apothecaries. 

This episode was filmed at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum in the Woodrow Homestead and around the grounds. 

Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Episode Three

Mystery abounds with the news of an escaped mental asylum patient! Dr. Heroin investigates her colleagues, and Dr Morphine and Mr. Ether get trapped in the fearsome “pit”.

Watch to the end to learn about the fascinating alienist profession with Shayleigh Plant (a.k.a. Dr. Heroin).

For more information about the Sawbones Society, click here.

Sawbones Society was filmed on location, at Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum in the Woodrow Homestead.


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Steampunk Sawbones Society

Last Day of Filming with The Sawbones Society

In anticipation of the last episode coming out tomorrow, we bring you some exclusive behind the scene footage of The Sawbones Society.

This footage comes from the last day of filming on set at the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum.


(P.s. As you can tell, there was some improvisation with regards to costumes…)


Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum joins the Simcoe County Barn Quilt Trail!

What is the Simcoe County Barn Quilt Trail?

[It] is a touring route composed of a series of trails wandering through the beautiful countryside of Simcoe County, to celebrate agriculture in the area. The quilts along the trail tell stories of local history, tourism, agriculture, family traditions and heritage. The quilts are painted panels that mimic quilt squares.

– Tourism Simcoe County

For further information and to explore the other barn quilts in Simcoe County, visit the Tourism Simcoe County’s website.

Why did CCHM join the Simcoe County Barn Quilt Trail?

CCHM is a tourist attraction in Simcoe County that is committed to preserving local history and heritage.  This includes farming and homesteading history.  Our museum features many quilts from the area which have been donated or made by local quilting groups and members of the community. 

Each year, we host “Fabric Fest” and “Heritage Day” where we celebrate heritage crafts with visitors and artists from around the area. 

About The Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

We chose the log cabin pattern to represent our log cabin which dates back to the 1830-1840s and is the central feature of our museum. 

Make sure to drop by to see our new quilt pattern, and learn about the homestead that inspired it!

Steampunk Sawbones Society

Sawbones Society Episode Two

Filmed at Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum, the Sawbones Society as part of Steampunk online welcomed their newest associate, Mr. Sy A. Nide. In chapter 4, the malpracticing medics (in a vicious misunderstanding) compete for the favour of Dr. Vera Morphine, their domineering head physician.

Tune in to the end for a historical note on Victorian era surgery with Dan Ford (a.k.a. Mr. Ether).