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Canadiana Mini Fall Fair

In partnership with the Coldwater Fall Fair, the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum is hosting a mini fall fair all-day SATURDAY, September 25.

Vendors, crafters, live music, United Church pies for sale, Lions BBQ.

Family and fall events throughout the day:

  • Mini Horse Show – Director: carol McIsaac
  • Poultry Show – Director: Josh Beard
  • Children’s Farm Olympics – Director: Angela Gibson
  • Antique Machinery
  • Zucchini Races

Admission: Donations Welcome

Museum Updates

Lawn Sale and Barbeque

Phone: (705) 955-1930

Museum Updates

We’re on Instagram

We are now on Instagram, follow us at coldwatercanadiana for daily updates and content on displays, events, and our grounds!

Museum Initiatives Museum Updates

New Community Event!

You are invited to join friends at the Coldwater Canadiana Museum beginning on Tuesday, July 27 anytime between 10 am and 3 pm. We want to start a new reoccurring event called “Canadiana Community Days” on the Museum grounds every Tuesday from July 27 to August 31.

No admission fee required and the picnic area is always open. Plan to get together with old friends and meet new ones as you practice your craft at your local Museum.

All Crafters are invited to bring a project to work on, a chair, and a lunch if you wish. Some craft materials will be available to try. Free basic instruction by experienced crafters may be offered.

Accompanied children are welcome. There will be activities in the schoolhouse and playhouse.

Museum Updates

Museum Open!

The Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum is open to the public for this summer!

We are grateful for our community and visitors’ patience during this unpredictable spring, so we are proud to announce that, as of July 6, the Museum’s grounds and buildings are now open to the public. Our Museum remains admission by donation. Visitors are required to wear masks and complete a COVID questionnaire by staff.

We offer self-guided tours of the out-buildings and grounds and include a guided tour of the Woodrow Homestead. Visitors have the option of pre-booking tours of the Museum, which may appeal to larger groups, though is not required. Stay tuned for further updates!

Evening at the Woodrow Homestead 2020
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Every year, the CCHM publishes a newsletter capturing the projects and events completed for the season and we want to make these available for you to enjoy as well! This is also a great way to stay in touch with the announcements and news of the CCHM.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved, please reach out to us through the Contact page; the CCHM thrives today because of community engagement!

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Sawbones Society Nominated for ORAH Awards

Greetings! After two months following the final episode release of the Sawbones Society season 1, this passion project is making news again!

On October 14, the Orillia & District Arts Council (ODAC) announced Sarah Pickard (director and actor of the project) is one of four nominated for the Heritage: Restoration, Renovation, and Publication Award, which recognizes an individual or group who brought to life regional history through a physical restoration or creation of a permanent public record.

This is one of the five categories for the Orillia Regional Arts & Heritage (ORAH) Awards, and the third annual year this has been organized by the Orillia & District Arts Council with the Orillia Museum of Art and History.

The awards ceremony will be held online this year. You can watch it at 7 p.m. on November 25 on the OMAH or ODAC Facebook pages.

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Sawbones Society Working With Blood

Welcome back! Did you enjoy watching the first season of the Sawbones Society? Were you shocked at the amount of blood in this season? (so were we!) Watch the video below if you want to know how we worked with fake blood to create all those shocking scenes. Or click here to learn more and browse our other Sawbones Society content.

Special credit to Larisa Pakalns for footage and creating this video.

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Sawbones Society Behind the Scenes/Bloopers

Interested to know more about the production and acting of Sawbones Society season 1? Are you craving more Sawbones content now that season 1 has finished? Get ready to peak behind the curtain and become one of the crew as you witness the countless dialogue flubs, the long filming hours, and the techniques used to create what you’ve all enjoyed on screen!

Special credit is acknowledged to Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum staff member Larisa Pakalns for some of her behind the scenes filming used in this Sawbones feature.

Want more behind the scenes content? Check out our other post: “Last Day of Filming with The Sawbones Society

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Sawbones Society Episode Six

Welcome back to the Sawbones Society for the final episode!

Since you last saw these malpracticing medics, Nurse Clara Form has been away on holiday. Meanwhile, the remaining “professionals” become perplexed at the lack of fatalities. Has someone been shirking work or is there more to the “exploding face disease” that threatens each of Nurse Clara Form’s patients? Will the truth emerge or are the Sawbones in danger of contracting this “disease” themselves?

Watch the last episode to find out!

Eager to learn more about Victorian nursing and the inspiration behind Nurse Clara Form? Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a historical note by Emily Pickard (a.k.a. Nurse Clara Form).

This episode was filmed on site of the Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum.